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Newton 1969Click on the picture to hear the album


A new album of old songs is SNZ's latest offering. A time machine ride through the sounds of the early 60's; folk, pre-rock. Think Ian and Sylvia, Phil Ochs, Tom Paxton and especially Mimi and Dick Farina.

The 20-song collection is an echo of those great years of the 60s when the Summer of Love swept through the country and hippies roamed the earth. When the great folk revival created a tidal wave that swamped the music scene and inspired young men and women all over America. It's available at Just click on the album cover to check it out.


Every One Tells a StoryClick on the picture to hear the album

REAL STORMIN' NORMAN – Every One Tells a Story

Featuring some the best songs from the current SNZ catalog, this collection of story songs is like a book of short stories that will keep you entertained from start to finish. Supported by some of the best session musicians in New York City, Norm serves up his unique brand of playing and singing for your enjoyment.



Newton 1969


STORMIN' NORMAN & SUZY– Live at the P&G Bar

Stormin Norman & Suzy - Live at the P&G Bar is a new duo album that you will thoroughly enjoy. Recorded "live" at the storied P&G Bar, on the upper west side of Manhattan, this album includes many of your SN&S favorites like Don't Underestimate Me. The band features Joe Damone on drums, Mark Shulman and John Gerry Putnam on guitars, Even Steven Levee on bass, Jack Bashkow on sax and Stormin Norman on piano and vocal. It captures all the excitement of their live performance featuring the incomparable Suzy Williams on vocals.

Matchbox Universe

REAL STORMIN' NORMAN – Matchbox Universe

Another solo album, Matchbox Universe, featuring eleven new songs that will be your new favorites. With the able help of Tad McCully on drums, John Gerry Putnam on guitar, Even Steven Levee on bass, Jack Bashkow on sax, Trifon Dimitrov on bass (Crash & Burn, Old St Nick), Vikki Bell on vocals and Ray Grappone on percussion, and of course, Stormin Norman on piano and vocal, this is one of Stormy's best records to date. Check back for up to the minute information about when and where this release will be available.

Both Stormin Norman and Suzy Live at the P&G and Matchbox Universe are available on and iTunes